Case №53

Trophic ulcer

Wound age: 2 months

Attending physician: Kirimov Vyacheslav Ivanovich

  • Patient:


  • Age:

    50 years old

  • Diagnosis:

    Trophic ulcer

Dynamics of treatment with Mirragen

  • Trophic ulcer

    Before use

  • Trophic ulcer

    14 day

  • Trophic ulcer

    27 day

    Trophic ulcer is very bad!

    Most often, ulcers occur on the lower extremities, but their appearance is possible on other parts of the body and even on the mucous membrane. A trophic ulcer is distinguished from a normal wound by the following:

    • prolonged, recurrent nature;
    • inability of damaged tissues to regenerate (heal);
    • loss of tissue;
    •  healing with the formation of a deep scar.

    If a trophic ulcer of the lower extremities appears, treatment should be prompt.

    Why does a trophic ulcer appear more often on the lower extremities?

    The lower limbs are most susceptible to the appearance of trophic ulcers. This is due to the slowed down blood flow in the vessels of the legs.Lymphostasis and inadequate tissue nutrition leads to the appearance of extensive ulcers with a dirty, purulent coating. This is a trophic ulcer of the lower extremities. Photos, symptoms, diet, prevention - all these issues are worth considering in detail. It should be noted that in diabetes mellitus ulcers appear on the big toe and heels.

    Trophic ulcer with varicose veins

    More than 70% of cases of trophic ulcers are due to severe cases of varicose veins. Even minor damage to the integrity of the skin with varicose veins can lead to the formation of ulcers on the ankles and legs.