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  • Postoperative fistula. Adenocarcinoma of the stomach. Gastrectomy.

Case №46

Postoperative fistula

Application of Mirragen: 14.03.19

Time period for the presence of a wound: 3,5 months,после  after gastrectomy


  • Patient:


  • Age:

    78 years old

  • Diagnosis:

    Adenocarcinoma of the stomach. Gastrectomy.

Dynamics of treatment with Mirragen

  • Postoperative fistula

    At the beginning

  • Postoperative fistula

    14 day

  • Postoperative fistula

    44 day

    Mirragen - postoperative healing of scars and scars, surgical debridement

    Unfortunately, wound complications in the postoperative period are quite common. In this case, it does not matter what was the cause - hospital or endogenous infection. It is important that the surgical wound becomes infected, ignites, and endangers the patient's life. Surgical treatment of the wound and observation during the first day play an essential role. The treatment must be thorough, but it cannot prevent the active growth of bacteria 6-8 hours after the operation.

    In order to avoid complications, it is necessary to take all possible measures so that the surgical wound completes the healing process as soon as possible. If the stitches after the operation are still lit, then the best way to avoid the development of complications is to use Mirragen - the latest material created to initiate active tissue regeneration.

    Not so long ago, a revolution in the field of medicine was carried out by bioactive borate glass, the fibers of which Mirragen is composed. Material located in the wound space:

    • Plays the role of a matrix for tissue growth due to the fibrous structure;
    • Simulates a fibrin clot;
    • Stimulates cell activity and tissue growth;
    • Accelerates regeneration;
    • Keeps the surface of the wound clean, moist and warm;
    • Has an antiseptic effect.

    Postoperative stitches and open wounds heal 40% faster than any other treatment.Surgical treatment of wounds and prevention of complications with MirragenMirragen material is excellent for the healing of chronic and incurable wounds, so it is quite easy to cope with the prevention and treatment of postoperative complications. Its scope is much wider than surgical treatment of wounds in the postoperative period. The material is used for:

    • Cavity wounds;            
    • Venous, diabetic, chronic vascular ulcers; fistulas;
    • Wounds in the area of ​​the donor flap;            
    • Opening the wound;            
    • Torn wounds and skin tears;            
    • The wounds ooze.

    The use of Mirragen does not cancel medication and the need to wear a postoperative bandage. This method significantly speeds up healing - neutralizes the infection and activates the reparative process.

    Mirragen is characterized by a soft plastic microstructure. Its fibers are bioactive, biocompatible and biodegradable. If particles of material remain in the wound, then there is no need to pull it out, causing microtrauma to the surface heals. The fibers will completely dissolve over time. A surgical wound using Mirragen will heal much faster and with minimal risk of complications.

    Mirragen - a new word in postoperative care In Ukraine, bioactive borate fiberglass is represented by the Medivo company. If you are worried about surgical treatment of wounds and a decrease in the percentage of complications in the postoperative period, then we are ready to provide introductory materials and results of clinical trials. Bioactive fiberglass is a unique material. It finds application not only in surgery, but also in dentistry, orthopedics, and burn medicine.

    Reviews on the use of Mirragen after surgery among specialists are extremely positive. The company "Medivo" presents on the Ukrainian market of medical materials one of the most and most promising products that have a wide range of applications. Postoperative stitches, ulcers, pressure ulcers, fistulas, various open wounds - all this can be made safe and healed faster with the help of borate fiberglass.