Case №30

Diabetic foot ulcer

Age of Wound: more than 1 year


  • Gender:


  • Age:

    52 Years

  • Diagnosis:

    Diabetic foot ulcer

Dynamics of treatment with Mirragen

  • Diabetic Foot Ulcer

    At The Beginning

  • Diabetic Foot Ulcer

    After 1 Week

  • Diabetic Foot Ulcer

    After 5 Weeks

    Mirragen - treatment and healing of wounds, trophic ulcers and the consequences of amputation in diabetes mellitus

    The main problem of diabetes mellitus is the accumulation of toxic products and metabolites in the body, which are formed as a result of fat metabolism. Subsequently, this leads to vascular diseases and microcirculation disorders in almost all organs and parts of the patient's body. At advanced stages, such changes become irreversible, which leads to the appearance of trophic ulcers, which do not feel bad for a long time, or to the need for amputation of the limbs.

    Mirragen - treatment and healing of wounds, trophic ulcers and the consequences of amputation in diabetes mellitus
    Mirragen - treatment and healing of wounds, trophic ulcers and the consequences of amputation in diabetes mellitus

    It is not always possible to deal with such serious complications. An innovative product - Mirragen allows you to increase the efficiency of wound healing of any category of complexity, including trophic ulcers caused by diabetes.

    The composition and mechanism of action of Mirragen

    The effectiveness and uniqueness of the Mirragen product lies in its special composition. It is a biomaterial, which is similar in structure to a natural fibrin clot that forms in all wounds at the stage of their healing. The cause of trophic wounds on the patient's leg with diabetes is a violation of metabolic processes and microcirculation in the affected area. This is also a consequence of poor wound healing.

    Mirragen has a wide range of beneficial pharmacological activities, making it effective even in cases where strong medications cannot speed up wound healing.

    The biomaterial is used as a regular bandage by applying a piece of the required size to the wound. Immediately after entering the damaged cavity, bioactive fibers react with natural exudate and promote the release of active electrolytes into the wound. After a while, the biomaterial changes its appearance, which indicates its correct operation.

    Mirragen's active fibers act as a scaffold on which natural fibrin clots are attached. This leads to an acceleration of the healing process by about 40% compared to the use of other means.

    Benefits of Mirragen for wound healing in diabetes

    Mirragen outperforms other wound healing and disinfectants in many ways, and has a number of advantages:

    • Creates a base in the affected area to which fibrin fibers, growth factors and other components are more easily attached;

    • Keeps the affected area dry and clean, reducing the need for medical intervention and additional microdamage;

    • Eliminates the need to remove the dressing, as Mirragen fibers dissolve and do not stick to tissues;

    • The product is absolutely safe, therefore it is suitable for treating patients of any age and gender;

    • Mirragen matrix allows you to accelerate the stages of tissue regeneration, regardless of the etiology of damage, so the product can be used for any wounds;

    • Effectiveness after application is observed even at the last stages of pathologies, therefore Mirragen is practically the only thing that can be effectively used in conditions such as trophic and long-term non-healing ulcers;

    • The material is easy to use and facilitates the work of doctors.

    Medivo is the exclusive representative of the Mirragen product in Ukraine. We offer a fast delivery of quality products from America, as well as free consultations on the properties of the material, not only for doctors, but also for non-specialists.