Case №27

Diagnosis: Pressure Injury. Right lateral malleolus

Age of Wound: Unknown


  • Gender:
  • Age:
    80 Years
  • Diagnosis:
    Pressure Injury

Dynamics of treatment with Mirragen

  • Pressure Injury. Right lateral malleolus

    At The Beginning

  • Pressure Injury. Right lateral malleolus

    With Mirragen

  • Pressure Injury. Right lateral malleolus

    After 11 Weeks

    Causes of the formation of bedsores

    Severe illnesses that are bedridden can lead to the formation of purulent and trophic ulcers, because:

    1. There is a prolonged or almost constant squeezing of certain parts of the body, which causes impaired blood circulation, badly affects the state of blood vessels.
    2. Severely ill bedridden patients often face a general decrease in immunity, which affects the ability of tissues to regenerate, inhibition of this function further aggravates the situation.
    3. Prolonged lying in one position leads to the fact that pressure sores form on different parts of the body. They can occur on the shoulders, on the side, on the surface of the pelvis, on the thighs and lower legs. If a person lies in a supine position for a long time during the day, then this can provoke the appearance of inflammatory formations even on the back of the head, on the buttocks, in the heels or sacrum.

    If pressure sores appear, action must be taken quickly. Of course, there is a traditional medical approach to this issue, which is based on high-quality daily patient care, treatment of the affected skin areas with medicinal preparations with healing properties.

    Traditional medicine does not lag behind traditional medicine, which also offers many recipes that can enhance the effect of medicines, which will greatly alleviate the patient's condition.