Case №24

Diagnosis: Pressure Injury: Dorsal foot – Contracture.

Age of Wound: Unknown.


  • Gender:
  • Age:
    60 y/o
  • Diagnosis:
    Pressure Injury

Dynamics of treatment with Mirragen

  • Pressure Injury: Dorsal foot – Contracture.

    At the beginning

  • Pressure Injury: Dorsal foot – Contracture.

    After 2 weeks

  • Pressure Injury: Dorsal foot – Contracture.

    After 3 weeks

    Mirragen - a modern treatment for pressure ulcers

    Despite the complete clarity of the mechanism of occurrence and the predictability of disorders, the treatment of pressure ulcers remains a rather difficult task. To combat the necrosis of soft tissues caused by excessive pressure as a result of prolonged immobility of the body, medicinal and physiotherapeutic methods are used, but the progress cannot be called significant. Many specialists face the question: how and how to treat bedsores in a patient, but there is no simple answer.

    The newest material Mirragen is a truly effective remedy that, in combination with traditional measures, can significantly alleviate the situation and help in the treatment of pressure ulcers in a patient. Mirragen, thanks to its principles of action, is ideal for the treatment of chronic wounds and those that do not heal, such as bedsores in bedridden patients.

    Mirragen are micron and sub micron thick borate glass fibers. Visually and to the touch, the material resembles a cotton fabric, but its capabilities would have been called fantastic ten years ago. As a remedy for bedsores, it is advisable to start using Mirragen with the onset of the second stage of the disease, which is characterized by violations of the integrity of the skin and detachment of the epidermis. If the wound is open, then this not only causes an aggravation of painful sensations, but also threatens with infection.

    How does Mirragen treat bedsores?

    Treatment of pressure ulcers with bioactive borate fiberglass is currently showing the best result of all existing methods.

    If bedsores in bedridden patients have turned into an open form, then Mirragen:
    • Acts as a matrix for the formation of soft tissues;
    • Simulates a fibrin clot, which under normal conditions stimulates the regeneration process;
    • It will release ions into the wound environment, which in turn will improve blood flow, stimulate the healing process, the growth of blood vessels and soft tissues.

    The action of borate glass ions is an ideal antagonist of the processes due to which open bedsores are formed in bedridden patients. Of course, Mirragen is not able to restore blood circulation in body parts, but with proper care, it provides a high intensity of tissue regeneration. In addition, its bactericidal properties against Staph, Epidermidis, Staph. Aureus and most streptococci species are objectively necessary quality in terms of risk. If the question arises: how to treat bedsores in a patient, then in the answer, among other components of therapy, Mirragen must be mentioned.

    Mirragen - New effective solution against pressure ulcers.

    Treatment of pressure ulcers is a small fraction of the capabilities of the material, which has proven its effectiveness and is actively used in medical institutions in most civilized countries. One of the features is the area of ​​use. Treating bedsores at home with bioactive borate glass is easy. This does not require special skills or knowledge.

    The company "Medivo" offers to treat bedsores in patients using the latest promising development - bioactive borate glass. We are ready to provide the necessary information to public and private clinics to familiarize themselves with the characteristics and results of using Mirragen against pressure ulcers in a clinical setting. In combination with traditional methods of treatment, borate glass is irreplaceable.