Pre-Clinical Human Trial

  • >50 patients
  • Non-healing wounds from a variety of causes.
  • The healing rate of these patients was >90% with no side effects.
  • Diabetic ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, dehiscing surgical incisions and necrotizing fasciitis

MIRRAGEN Advanced Wound Matrix

  • Innovative bioactive resorbable glass fiber technology
  • Flexible, moldable – easy solution for challenging wound geometries
  • Resembles fibrin clot microstructure
  • Up to 40% faster healing1, 2
  • Absorbs up to 400% moisture exudates by weight2

1 — Full-thickness, porcine wound healing model. Animal data may not be reflective of human clinical experience.
2 — Compared to similar devices in head-to-head testing.