Case №2

Diagnostic: Diabetic Wound


78 Year Old Female Diabetic Wound

520 Days Old Wound


  • 18 month old wound with 1.5cm exposed bone & osteomyelitis
  • Previous right leg amputation below knee
  • Recommended for amputation prior to Mirragen use

Previous Treatments

  • Prisma, Endoform, Silver Alginate, Collagen Flakes, Negative Pressure, Hyperbarics and multiple rounds of antibiotics
  • All previous products used showed no results for past 18 months
  • Approximate Total Cost- $75,000
Case №2

Treatment Progress

78 Year Old Female Diabetic Wound

Day 1

Pre Mirragen Application

Day 66

Post Mirragen

Treatment Progress with MIRRAGEN

Mirragen Results

  • Limb salvage successful, no exposed bone and 95%
    epithelialization at day 66
  • Three Applications of the Product

Care Cost Comparison

CompareMirragenOther Treatments
Care Time
66 Days
540 Days
Nursing Cost Reduction %
Case Was Healed?
YES, for 66 Days
NO, for 540 Days
MIRRAGEN Healing Results