Case №3

Diagnostic: Diabetic Male With Toe Amputations


50 Year Old Diabetic Male With Toe Amputations


  • All five toes amputated due to lack of vascularization and chronic ulcerations
  • Active bone infection at time of application

Previous Treatments

  • Approximate Total Surgical Cost's-$60,000
  • Integra- $4800
  • Graftjacket- $2,850
Case №3

Treatment Progress

50 Year Old Diabetic Male With Toe Amputations

Day 1

Pre-Mirragen Application

Day 42

Wound Closure And Healing

Post Care

Wound Closure And Significant Healing

Treatment Progress with MIRRAGEN

Mirragen Results

  • Two Mirragen applications overall
  • Day 1: Completely open wound
  • Day 30: Wound closure and wound healing
  • Day 56: Wound closure and significant healing

Care Cost Comparison

CompareMirragenOther Treatments
Care Time
56 Days
Not Healed
Nursing Cost Reduction %
Case Was Healed?
YES, for 56 Days
Unable to Heal
MIRRAGEN Healing Results