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Accelerated healing of difficult wounds with the innovative drug Mirragen

It will take some time to restore body tissues after damage. Sometimes wound healing is delayed or not at all. Damage to the skin and deeper tissues that are not capable of self-healing are called complex wounds. This category includes trophic ulcers, radiation injuries, diabetic foot, bedsores. Correct tissue regeneration is possible only with regular and complex medical measures, as well as with thorough preliminary cleaning of the cavity. An innovative product - Mirragen will help simplify such procedures for the doctor and increase the effectiveness of wound healing.

The composition and principle of action of Mirragen.

Unlike most wound healing patches and fluids, Mirragen works differently. It is a material with micro-size bioactive fibers. Once in the wound space, the material is instantly activated. The result is the creation of a kind of cascade of fibers. On this cascade, natural fibrin clots grow, which the body forms in the process of tissue regeneration. Thus, Mirragen promotes rapid wound healing, making it easier for the body to build new protein and charge the affected area. Indications for use Mirragen provides several positive factors that are widely used in medicine.

Useful properties of biomaterial

  • Has the ability to self-dissolve. Thanks to this, the activity of the product begins immediately after application. An additional advantage is the dissolution of the biomaterial sometime after use, which eliminates the need to remove it from the wound.
  • Improvement of trophic processes and the absorption of beneficial microelements. The effect is achieved due to the release of beneficial ions after contact of the biomaterial with the wound.
  • Hemostatic action. Promotes the uptake of platelets and mimics a fibrin clot, accelerating wound healing after any injury.
  • Maintains optimal moisture for rapid wound healing and at the same time absorbs natural exudate.
  • Antibacterial properties. The product prevents infections from developing, and also keeps the wound clean by absorbing pathological secretions.

Mirragen efficiency

High efficiency combined with high safety and convenience have found application in many fields of medicine. Any ointment for wound healing has contraindications, or is used only for a specific type of injury.
  • The consequences of diabetes,
  • Bedsores;
  • Gynecological problems;
  • Burns;
  • Postoperative wounds;
  • Damage from plastic surgery.
At the same time, the product is especially indispensable for the rapid healing of wounds that are classified as difficult. It makes it possible not only to eliminate the problem, but also to prevent the consequences, for example, secondary infection. Medivo specialists will advise you on how to apply the matrix dressing correctly and help you order the product as soon as possible. For complex wounds, the biomaterial is usually used in a hospital setting, but it can be used by patients on their own.