Case №1

Diagnosis: Hip fracture

Approximately 1 year ago, the patient was admitted into the hospital with hip fracture, secondary from falling from the same height. The fracture was reduced and fixated with 3 long nails in the femoral neck.

After 1 year she returned to the Emergency Room, presenting non-closure of the wound, puss drainage from the wound, acussing pain and redness.

Emergency Clinical Hospital "Bagdasar Arseni" Bucharest, Romania, April 2018

  • Patient:
    Marin Petruta
  • Gender:
  • Age:
    63 years old
  • Diagnosis:
    Hip fracture
Case №1

X-Ray and clinical aspect of the wound

    Samples were harvested from the wound to asses the type of germs that caused the infection.
    Result: Staphylococcus epidermidis

    Сlinical aspect of the wound

    Chronology of Treatment

    Day 1 — Surgery
    • Debridement of necrotic / devitalized tissue was performed;
    • Tracts or undermining areas were filled;
    • 2-3 mm thickness of the product was applied to cover the wound;
    Day 3 — Day 7
    • During the first 3 days, the wound was carefully monitored and Mirragen was applied once a day.
    • On the last 4 days it was applied once every 2 days.
    Day 7 — Check Out

    Check-Out Instructions:

    • Sterile bandage changed every day;
    • Sutures removed after 7 days;
    Chronology of Treatment