Case №51

Suture, full-scale resection of suspected skin cancer

Age period of the presence of a wound: Immediately after surgery


  • Patient:


  • Age:

    60 years old

  • Diagnosis:

    Suture, full-scale resection of suspected skin cancer

Dynamics of treatment with Mirragen

  • Suture, full-scale resection of suspected skin cancer


  • Suture, full-scale resection of suspected skin cancer

    21 day

  • Suture, full-scale resection of suspected skin cancer

    47 day

    Mirragen - accelerated wound healing without scars

    Mirragen is a qualitatively new approach to the treatment of wounds, both superficial and deep. As distributors of this product, our company supplies this type of consumables throughout Ukraine.

    What is this medical device and what are its features? Mirragen performs two important functions: healing and dressing.

    The main properties of the product are speed of action, effectiveness, no side effects. It begins to work immediately, directly in the wound, absorbing excess moisture and coping with any infectious agent.

    In addition, it is an alternative to any ointment for scars. Due to the special structure of fiberglass and high activity, this dressing from the very beginning of application creates conditions that prevent the formation of scars on the patient's body, which distort.

    Features of the product and its ability to prevent the formation of scar tissue

    Mirragen is a plastic biomaterial in the form of scraps of fibrous structure, stored in sterile trays. The presented size options: 5x5 cm, 10x10 cm, 15x2.5 cm, 1x1 cm. Its active component is borate fiberglass, which is capable of dissolving and carrying out anti-inflammatory, angiogenic and bactericidal action in the wound. During the dressing, you can trim the edges that protrude beyond the skin defect.

    Provide the material with an appropriate form by attaching it directly to the damage site. Mirragen must be secured with a secondary dressing of ordinary material on the outside. Upon contact with the wound surface, the active components immediately begin to act. At the same time, not only healing mechanisms are instantly turned on, but also processes that prevent the formation of traces that distort.

    If after using even the most effective scar cream left noticeable scars on the face and hands, then Mirragen is able to prevent the formation of these imperfections on open and sensitive areas of the body.

    Attention! This dressing is designed for use in healthcare facilities and is strictly supervised by a healthcare professional.

    Mechanism of action of Mirragen in a wound

    In the area of ​​the wound surface, mechanisms are turned on, aimed at restoring the lost tissues. Mirragen serves as a kind of catalyst for the processes. Acting directly at the point of application, he:

    • Accelerates the healing period by 40%;
    • Absorbs fluid from a wound in an amount that is 4 times its own surface area;

    Reduces the frequency of dressings (it is determined individually and depends on the nature of the wound and the volume of exudation, but it is applied at least once a week).

    Healing goes through four successive stages: inflammation, proliferation (recovery), maturation (remodeling). The activity of neutrophils and macrophages is activated, which fight bacteria that have entered the wound.

    The antimicrobial action of our product enhances the effect. Its absorbent properties promote better wound cleansing. Proteases and growth factors are concentrated at the site of damage. The porous fibrous structure of Mirragen serves as a matrix for the growth of living tissue. Cell proliferation, more intense angiogenesis occurs. Living tissue gradually replaces the agent, and its structural components are absorbed. Granulations produced by elastin and collagen are formed. It is the overproduction of the latter that leads to scarring. Mirragen prevents excess build-up of this component. Thanks to the action of active ingredients, the effect of a "fresh" wound is created. Having a special microstructure, it absorbs the products of the wound environment, separating its liquid fraction from the solid components. During the final healing, the wound surfaces practically do not differ from the surrounding skin. They do not contain keloids, do not protrude above the skin surface and have a normal physiological appearance.

    Mirragen - intense action in the wound from the moment of its application

    Practice has shown that even modern laser correction does not exclude the preservation of scars. Scar resurfacing in beauty salons and medical institutions is also ineffective. All these procedures are performed when the process is complete and the scar is formed. Mirragen acts in the wound intensively and constantly, from the moment it is applied. It prevents scar formation, not removes it.