Case №43

Burn, State after burn 3 degrees

Time period for the presence of a wound : 1,5 months

Application of Mirragen: 12.06.19

Odessa City Clinical Hospital №10

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  • Diagnosis:

    Burn, State after burn 3 degrees

Dynamics of treatment with Mirragen

  • Burn, State after burn 3 degrees

    At the beginning

  • Burn, State after burn 3 degrees

    8 day

  • Burn, State after burn 3 degrees

    45 day

    Mirragen - a remedy for the treatment of chemical, thermal and other types of burns

    Mirragen is a new, modern treatment that provides an effective treatment for burns. The material is made of micron and submicron fibers from bioactive borate glass. It is not often that a new discovery is of global importance in our time. Bioactive borate glass is one such rare case. It is used in dentistry, orthopedics, surgery and other areas of clinical medicine for the regeneration of bones and soft tissues.

    Mirragen is recommended for use in healthcare settings and will also provide home treatment for burns. Its use does not require special knowledge and skills. Both qualified nurses and people far from medicine can use it with equal effectiveness.            

    Mirragen's action is based on the release of ions in the wound space, which stimulate the growth of new tissue. There is a complex relationship between the nature of the ions released by the glass, the rate of their release, the amount, pH parameters of the environment and the antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory effect of the material. Its effectiveness is proven by clinical studies and is beyond doubt. Today, the question: "How to treat a burn?", One can no doubt answer - bioactive borate glass from the official distributor "Medivo".

    Mirragen - intensive tissue regeneration after a burn

    Burn treatment is an urgent problem. This is one of the most common and dangerous types of home injury. There are several medicines in the form of ointments and sprays that can be recommended by therapists or traumatologists for the treatment of degree I and II burns. They do their job well, provided that the integrity of the skin is not compromised. Treatment of a burn at home with bioactive borate glass will be effective, the risk of complications is minimal.

    A child's burn is especially dangerous, due to the relatively thin skin and the density of blood vessels. Slow tissue regeneration and an extremely high risk of infection require more intensive therapy. Mirragen has no competitors in this regard. The material provides:

    • Imitation of a fibrin clot;
    • “Capture” of platelets and other components to activate and support the regeneration process;
    • Improving blood supply;
    • Stimulation of the growth of tissue cells, blood vessels;
    • Improving the absorption of trace elements.

    The fibrous structure of Mirragen serves as a matrix for tissue growth after a burn. Moreover, the material has bactericidal properties.Bioactive borate glass - the first burn treatment to help the patientFrom the point of view of a specialist, the treatment of burns comes down to solving such important problems as:

    • Protection against infection;
    • Creation of conditions and support for tissue regeneration;
    • Removal of pain syndrome, elimination of discomfort.

    Mirragen is better than any other existing product to help you cope with the first two points and provide an effective burn treatment.

    Bioactive borate glass is a revolutionary material, the medicinal properties of which have yet to be assessed by representatives of domestic medicine. A detailed acquaintance with its capabilities will help expand the arsenal of treatments for burns and improve the quality of treatment.

    Chronology of treatment