Case №40

Decubitus soft tissue in the coccyx.Pressure  sores

Time period for the presence of a wound : 1,5 months

Application of Mirragen: 09.08.19

Odessa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital

  • Patient:


  • Age:

    10 years

  • Diagnosis:

    Decubitus soft tissue in the coccyx.Pressure  sores

Dynamics of treatment with Mirragen

  • Decubitus soft tissue in the coccyx.Pressure  sores

    At the beginning

  • Decubitus soft tissue in the coccyx.Pressure  sores

    6 day

  • Decubitus soft tissue in the coccyx.Pressure  sores

    48 day

    Treatment of bedsuts

    First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between the conditions for the formation of a wound. If these are bedsores, then the reason is the unevenness of the bed and the stagnation of blood in the subcutaneous tissues. Now about how to heal the wound. First you need to remove dirt, pus and dead tissue, i.e. rinse the wound with chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide, decasan, etc.

    Then, a Mirragen dressing should be applied to the wound, absorbing exudate (secreted fluid), it is desirable to ensure moist healing, and the wound itself must be filled with Mirragen so that healing proceeds faster and a scar does not form at the wound site.

    Treatment of pressure sores

    Pressure ulcers develop in bedridden patients. For the formation of bedsores, the following conditions are necessary: ​​a serious illness, accompanied by a decrease in immunity and the ability of tissues to regenerate, a violation of the blood supply to the skin. They often develop in patients with serious neurological pathology - stroke, paralysis, etc.Bedsores form on areas of the body that are subject to the greatest pressure in the position that a person takes for a long time. So, with prolonged lying on the back, bedsores are formed on the back of the head, in the area of ​​the shoulder blades, lower back, sacrum, buttocks, heels. In the lateral position - on the shoulders, lateral surfaces of the pelvis and legs. In addition to these factors, the roughness of the surface on which the patient lies plays an important role in the appearance of bedsores. Even a fold in the sheet can provoke the appearance of a bedsore.

    First, the skin in these places becomes red and edematous, then begins to recede in the form of thin films, the deeper layers of the skin are exposed, the surface of which is constantly moist, a blood (pinkish) liquid is released. If you start it, then quite deep ulcers and cracks appear. Naturally, in such conditions, bacteria multiply well, therefore, the surface of deep bedsores is often covered with a bloom of pus or a light filmy bloom. It is characteristic that bedsores in most cases do not cause pain, especially deep ones (although this is not always observed).Treatment is a painstaking process that requires diligence. The following general rules must be observed

    • It is necessary that the bed was soft enough (if there are no contraindications to this, as, for example, in case of a spinal fracture);The bed linen on which the patient lies should be dry and clean (it is better to change it daily or every two days), soft and not have wrinkles (the sheet should be pulled, fixing the edges with a mattress or otherwise), make sure not there were crumbs in the bed;
    • Special inflatable rubber circles can be placed under the pelvic area;
    • Eliminate prolonged skin contact with wet linen (in case of involuntary physiological discharges);The patient must be turned over from back to side during the day, leaving him in this position for an hour or two;
    •  Areas exposed to pressure should be gently massaged to improve blood circulation;• Having turned the patient from his back to his side, it is necessary to "ventilate the skin" in those places where he was lying, that is, do not cover with a blanket for a while;
    •  Temperature and clothing (including a blanket) should be such that the skin does not sweat;
    •  Every day wipe the skin with a disinfectant solution: vodka, camphor alcohol, cologne, vinegar solution (1 tablespoon of table vinegar for 1 cup of boiled water) or a towel soaked in warm water;Then wipe the skin dry and rub this place with a dry towel;
    • Two or three times a day wash the skin in the most vulnerable places with cool boiled water and soap, wipe dry and rub with camphor alcohol, vodka, cologne;
    • Perform all procedures using medication and dressings methodically.If redness appears in any places - the first sign of incipient bedsores, it is necessary to lubricate the reddened areas 1-2 times a day with camphor alcohol, cut in half with lemon, an alcoholic solution of green leaves, 5-10% solution of potassium permanganate, quartzing will also help (for example, a home appliance medicine "Sun")

    When bubbles appear, they are lubricated with a 1% alcohol solution of brilliant green, then a dry bandage is applied. With abundant purulent discharge from the ulcer, use means to rinse the purulent contents, and then use the Mirragen product, changing the dressings once every 3-5 days.

    The combined use of these drugs with antibiotic therapy allows to achieve stabilization of the patient's condition, relief of septic conditions and rapid cleansing of the pressure ulcer.