Case №33

Deep Tissue Injury (Traumatic)

Age of Wound: 4 months


  • Gender:


  • Age:

    68 years

  • Diagnosis:

    Deep Tissue Injury (Traumatic)

Dynamics of treatment with Mirragen

  • Deep Tissue Injury

    At The Beginning

  • Deep Tissue Injury

    After 11 Weeks

  • Deep Tissue Injury

    After 14 Weeks

    Treatment and healing of difficult wounds from wounds and military trauma with Mirragen. Rehabilitation after injury.

    Wounds resulting from serious injuries are dangerous due to the high probability of complications, and also require a long period of rehabilitation. Not all modern wound healing agents and antiseptics are able to guarantee effective tissue repair. The ingress of microbes and long-term disturbance of trophic processes often cause amputation of limbs.

    Modern medicine offers the drug Mirragen, which is unique in its composition and action. It is used as a wound healing agent for severe patients, including those after surgery for wounds and military injuries.

    The composition and mechanism of action of Mirragen

    Mirragen - це матеріал, а не ранозагоювальну або дезінфікуючий рідина. Завдяки особливій структурі його волокон, необхідно дію починається миттєво, що особливо важливо в складних випадках - при пораненнях грудної клітки або для ефективного загоєння ран після серйозних операцій.

    Mirragen is a material, not a wound healing or disinfectant liquid. Due to the special structure of its fibers, the action must start instantly, which is especially important in difficult cases - with chest wounds or for effective wound healing after major operations.Bioactive fibers are extremely small and self-absorbing. The structure of Mirragen resembles a natural fibrin clot that forms in the human body during the normal wound healing process. As a result, a natural matrix is ​​formed in the wound space, which acts as the foundation for natural wound healing and accelerated tissue renewal.

    The ability of the material to dissolve is also of clinical importance, since during this process beneficial ions are released into the wound and trauma space, which enhance regeneration at the cellular level. In addition, it eliminates the need to remove material stuck to the wound.

    When Mirragen matrix enters tissue damaged from penetrating or gunshot wounds, it immediately activates. The matrix interacts with wound fluid, adsorbing pathological secretions. In this case, the appearance of the matrix can change, which is considered absolutely normal.

    Treatment, wound healing and war injury care

    Rehabilitation for perforating wounds and other injuries has always taken a long time. Thanks to the Mirragen product we offer, wound healing after any type of injury will be much faster.Accelerated regeneration is especially important in military injuries, as they can be accompanied by high blood loss and a high risk of secondary infection.

    The unique properties of Mirragen and the possibility of using the healing material after general sanitation procedures make the product indispensable in the field. If it is impossible to thoroughly disinfect, the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of bioactive fiberglass will come to the rescue.

    The undoubted advantages of the product
    • Accelerated healing of any wounds;

    • Prevention of infection, reducing the likelihood of ischemia and amputation;

    • Prevention of blood loss due to hemostatic properties;

    • Possibility of application at any stage after injury;

    • No need to remove biomaterial;

    • Automatically keeps the wound dry and clean.

    • The material will be effective both for the treatment of wounds in extreme outdoor conditions and for the healing of surgical wounds while in the hospital.