MIRRAGEN® - Unique Biomaterial
For The Complex Wound Care

MIRRAGEN® consists exclusively of biodegradable borate glass fibers and particles.
It is a flexible and formable wound matrix, the shape of which can easily be adjusted to the wound geometry 

MIRRAGEN® - Unique Biomaterial For The Complex Wound Care

MIRRAGEN Biomatrix is a drug developed in the USA for the professional treatment of complex, chronic and difficult to heal wounds. Mirragen products have a number of advantages, in comparison with analogues, which can significantly reduce the time of treatment and wound healing of varying degrees of complexity and pathology.

The fibrous structure of the MIRRAGEN® matrix facilitates the absorption of liquid from the wound site and accelerates wound healing

Unique Biomaterial

Wide Range Of Treatments

MIRRAGEN® is intended for the treatment of various acute and chronic wounds, including diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, vascular ulcers, traumatic wounds, surgical incisions and first- and second-degree burns
Mirragen healing Chronic Wounds

Chronic Wounds

Mirragen healing Traumatic Wounds

Traumatic Wounds

Mirragen healing Surgical Wounds

Surgical Wounds

Indicated for partial and full-thickness wounds
Wide Range Of Treatments

Product Sizes

MIRRAGEN® products are available in various sizes and shapes.
For detailed information, refer to the "Tech Guide"
Product Sizes

Advantages of MIRRAGEN® Technology

  • Innovative Borate Technology

    biocompatible and gradually absorbed by the body
  • Natural Fibrous Microstructure

    facilitates normal healing process
  • Accelerated Healing

    wound healing time is 40% faster than with other treatments
  • Absorbs Moisture

    up to 400% of wound released moisture and exudates
  • Flexible Product

    formable and simple solution for geometrically complex wounds
  • Designed For Chronic Wounds

    intended for professional use
Advantages of MIRRAGEN®